Meet Our Team
  • Giuseppe Martuscelli
  • Anna Martuscelli
  • Gianmarco Martuscelli
  • Gilda Martuscelli
  • Eddie Greer
    General Manager of Catering & Entertainment
  • Corey McDaniel
    Restaurant General Manager
  • Randy Shepheard
    La Casa Pasta General Manager
  • Brett Podolak
    Klondike Kate's General Manager
  • Christian Lackford
    Executive Chef
  • Nick Manerchia
    Banquet Manager
  • Tommy McAndrews
    Main Dining Bar
  • Carrick Porter
Giuseppe Martuscelli - Owner


Giuseppe is the man that started it all with his vision back in 1978. He started La Casa Pasta as a tiny pizza shop and truly turned it into one of Delaware's finest Italian restaurants. He is a self-trained chef learning his trade from all over the world while he was in the Italian Navy. Over the years he has grown his business in many ways by exporting olive oil from his hometown of Salerno, Italy and also selling his homemade sauces and pastas in his italian market next door to LCP.  He has also been apart of many successful restaurants in his past and presently he is an integral part of the Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City MD.  


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